Global Economic Seminar

On March 16th, the global commercial real estate company Cushman & Wakefield hosted an interesting seminar concerning the Global Economic Outlook for this coming year of 2016.

            The seminar was led by four speakers, all leading figures from a variety of enterprises and associations who shared their insights regarding the global economic state of affairs we find ourselves in 2016. Constituted by the voices of Mr. Bjorn Dingsor of Castleton Commodities International, Constance Hunter of KPMG, Kenneth McCarthy of Cushman and Wakefield and Professor Giuseppe Ammendola of NYU Stern, the seminar led the audience through the trends and issues that have affected the global economy in the past and delved deeper into the challenges we are facing for the future.

            Beginning with an overview of the 08′ financial crisis, the panel provided with a number of perspectives concerning the implications of past economic defaults on the macroeconomic trends projected for 2016. The speakers looked at the deceleration of activity in developing economies and the consequences on commodity prices, the global trade and financial market volatility. This downfall was the reason behind the undermining of capital flows especially in 2015.

            On the other hand, the speakers looked at the economic forecasts expected for 2016, which proved to be quite positive. They deduced noticeable progress will be made in the United States as proved by the values of dollar appreciation. Additionally, although the Global inflation rate is expected to increase as commodity prices level off, it will remain moderately low considering past standards.

            Led by experts of the economical field, the panel was concluded with a positive expectation for 2016. After discussing past economic trends and looking at various geographical areas of the world, the speakers concluded that a modest upturn will occur in major high income countries, a rebalancing of the economy will take place in China, a stabilization of commodity prices will occur and an overall increase in global interest rates will continue but gradual and well-contained.

            Considering the highly interconnected world we live in, where society and the economy are constantly affected by technological advancements, demographic shifts and political transformations, informative seminars of this sort are extremely valuable. Through a careful analysis of the past, they play a significant role by enabling us to make informed decisions concerning our economic future.